Podcast: Handling Misperceptions amid Uncertainty

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“Much of my thinking about investing has been framed by the study of neuroscience, especially the Nobel prize winning economist Daniel Kahneman”

“People so often take decisions on the information in front of them rather than on information that’s available.”

“the press headlines actually can create the greatest misperceptions as we know only too well”

“certain times it’s nice to know what to expect, to have that sort of visibility of returns. And that’s what we do, we’re a coupon collecting machine; every day catching income”

“National champion banks have spent 10 years de-leveraging specifically because regulators wanted to stress test them to survive crises”

(You have to understand) “where the real value of what you are doing lies, and zeroing in on what is pivotal for you. For us, it’s coupon collecting.”

Jeremy Smouha

Jeremy Smouha

CEO of Atlanticomnium UK.